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compresssed workw eeks

 You can extend your hours of operation, without hiring more employees, and make your current employees happier with their jobs.

Don’t believe us? Read on to discover how compressed work weeks can help your company and employees.

What is a compressed work week?
A compressed work week schedules employees for their usual number of working hours in fewer days per week or fewer days per pay period. The most common example is offering a four-day, ten-hour work week, rather than the standard five day, eight-hour work week. Your company can remain open for the entire week, offering employees different days of the week off, or the entire company can shut down for a day.workweek

Why is this a great idea for employees?
A four day work week means employees will receive 52 extra days off per year. This extra time can be used for relaxation (creating a less stressed employee) or errands and personal appointments that would have previously cost them a vacation day. The improved work-life balance increases employee morale and job satisfaction, which leads to a more effective employee. With a 4 day week, their commuting expenses will be lessened which is both a benefit to the employee and the environment.

Why is this a great idea for employers?
Ten hour employee work days will allow you to extend your daily hours and offer your customers later appointments. This added convenience, can be a driving factor and competitive advantage over other companies in your area, causing an increase in your business. With longer hours per day being the norm, you can cut back on overtime expenses for emergency appointments that are sometimes added to the end of normal workdays. You also have the flexibility to create a schedule that has more workers scheduled during peak days of the week, and less employees when things are slower. In addition, with this added benefit being offered to employees, you will also have a recruiting advantage, allowing you to hire and retain the best.

Companies with compressed work weeks have reported an increase in employee morale and a decrease in absenteeism. These factors will help improve customer service and grow your business.

Do you offer a compressed work week? Tell us yours thoughts about the advantages and disadvantages on Facebook.

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Has finding hardworking, reliable technicians to work for your HVAC company proven to be one of the hardest parts about managing your HVAC business? A good resume and a good interview doesn’t equate to a good employee, and reading through piles of resumes is wasting time that could be spent making money in the field. Below are four tips that will help speed up the resume review process, and find the right technician for your company.


Creating an extra step for applicants quickly weeds out the 20% of resumes you receive from people who don’t really want the job or aren’t qualified. The questions asked should be both technical and customer service oriented to help determine if the applicant has the level of knowledge, experience and communication skills that would make them worth interviewing. The questionnaire rids you of less motivated applicants. If they aren’t interested in taking a couple of minutes to respond to a questionnaire, they will not be the most motivated hire.


Asking trusted, current employees for referrals is a great way to find new hires. Your staff knows your expectations, company culture, and the perks of working for you. They have worked for other HVAC companies, been through training with different professionals, and have networked with others at tradeshows and conferences providing you with a fresh, pool of applicants to choose from. Will these employees go out of the way to help you find the technician you are looking for? Maybe, but they are more likely to help if you have an Employee Referral Program.

Giving employees the incentive to help with the recruiting process ensures that any good tech looking for work will be ushered your way. Include specific guidelines when setting up your program. The monetary incentive should be paid on a tiered scale. 50% of the money is given on the new employee’s first day, and the other 50% is given after 3-6 months. This will deter employees from sending in unqualified applicants at the hope of earning some extra cash. 


What is the difference between a great tech and a mediocre tech? A great technician is looking for a career in HVAC, a mediocre employee is looking for this week’s paycheck. The best way to attract motivated, career driven technicians is to offer them opportunities. Include additional training in your employee benefits package. This investment not only attracts the type of employees you are looking for, but will help grow your business by giving your employees access to the most advanced and up to date techniques. 


Take perspective employees you are serious about hiring into the field on service calls. This will not only help you gauge their skill level, but will allow you to see their interaction with customers. If hiring for an entry level position, look for signs that they pick up knowledge easily and can take constructive criticism. For more experienced employees, check to make sure their work is on par with the level of service you provide.

One day in the field will give you insight into your new hire, but there is added value in having an extended trial to truly assess the technician’s work and personality. A weeklong trial will allow you to get to know your new employee, but also allow other members of your staff to engage with them and provide you with feedback. At the end of the trial, pay the applicant for the week or hire them full time. It is acceptable to use a "training rate" for this trial period, rather than the rate they would receive if hired. The added time investment will pay off when you have a reliable, hardworking, technician on your staff.


What have you done in the past to help with the hiring process? Let us know on our Facebook page or comment below!

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price hagglers heading1



  • “That’s expensive! Isn’t there anything you can do to help me with the price?”
  • “My friend received the same service from another company at a cheaper price!”
  • “I am sure there is some wiggle room in that quote, right?”


Gotten this before? These objections are commonly heard by every plumber, HVAC professional, and service industry professional out there. People don’t haggle with their doctors, lawyers, or even the kid at the coffee shop on price. However, when it comes to the service industry, most professionals are used to homeowners trying to negotiate a lower amount. Below are some tips that can help you overcome price objections in the future.


Defend the Quality of Your Service

Reassure customers that they are making the right decision in choosing your company because of the value of service you offer.  Give a few reasons why the quality of your service stands out from the competition. Whether it is your highly trained and certified technicians, top of the line equipment, or superior parts, you should make sure your customer understands what sacrificing those features will cost them in the long run. Sometimes customers forget, cheap service is cheap for a reason. Good service will help story on facebook4them avoid call-backs and extra charges in the future.


Offer a Guarantee

If one of your selling points is the high quality service you provide, prove it to your customers by offering a guarantee. This gesture of confidence puts the customer at ease by knowing that they won’t have to deal with this specific issue in the near future, and confirms your claim that you offer the highest quality of work.


Give a New Customer Discount

If you caved into every customer’s price reduction proposals, you wouldn’t turn a profit. But giving a one- time discount to new customers will give you the opportunity to establish a relationship with the customer and ensure future full priced services.  By offering a discount, you may even gain referrals from a customer who appreciated the discount and a job well done.


Offer Payment Plan Options

For many homeowners, emergency service jobs are an unexpected financial burden. Offering payment plans will allow you to provide the compassion customers are looking for when handed a substantial bill. This perfect solution for customers comes with a great risk for you. To avoid having to deal with collections agencies in the future, require that customers set up automatic monthly payments, and ask for one (or maybe two) credit cards up front.


If You Aren’t Charging, Make Sure They Know!

Some companies charge extra for travel expenses, after hour and weekend visits, or even just for walking in the door, others don’t. Some charge for checking water valves, or air filters, while others offer these minor tasks as a courtesy to their customers.  If your company provides a minor task for free or doesn’t charge an additional fee for something considered the “norm” in the industry, make sure your customers know that you are doing this favor. Including a “free- add on” can often help negate price objections.


What tactics have you used in the past to overcome price objections? Start the discussion on our Facebook page to let us know what has worked and not worked for you.


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5 reasons 4


 Debating whether or not to attend this year’s Comfortech? Here are five reasons you should invest in traveling to Philadelphia this September for this National HVACR, Hydronics and Plumbing Seminar and Showcase.

1. Networking
All Comfortech attendees have mutual interests in the HVAC & Plumbing Industry allowing you to make connections and build mutually beneficial relationships. Whether it is obtaining product and brand reviews, or exchanging management and recruitment strategies, Comfortech offers multiple opportunities for you to network and learn from other event-goers as well as enjoy your time spent in Philadelphia. The “Philly Food, Wine & Specialty Beer” Welcome Reception kicks off the tradeshow at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriot and is followed by Thursday Night’s Extravaganza at XFINITY Live! which treats attendees to great food, drinks, games and even a mechanical bull! 

2. Educational Seminars 
Over the course of the three day tradeshow, Comfortech offers a number of educational seminars that feature some ofthe best speakers in the industry. This year, guests can look forward to technical seminars such as Solar Thermal Design Concepts and Utilizing Infrared Imaging Technology, or they can sit in on Business Management seminars focusing on creating a successful sales culture or developing strong service management leadership skills. With over a dozen speakers scheduled throughout the weekend, there is a topic for everyone to enjoy and learn from. For a complete listing of speakers click here.

comment below


3. Latest & Greatest Products
Staying in sync with new technology and products in the industry will help your company stay ahead of the competition. With exhibitors like Daikin AC, Trane and American Stand A/C present at Comfortech, you can be assured that you will get to see and learn about all of the new products the HVAC industry has to offer.

4. Free Stuff!
With over a hundred vendors trying to grab your attention, you can expect a number of free products and giveaways. If pens, t-shirts and stress balls aren’t enough, you could ride home with a Harley Davidson Sportster XL 883 “Iron” Motorcycle! All registered attendees will receive an entry form on-site and have the chance to win.

5. ServiceCEO will be there!
If you aren’t a current ServiceCEO user, visit booth #350 to explore the features our software offers that can help manage your business efficiently. With Sales Reps present to answers your questions, this will be the perfect opportunity to gain insight and understanding into what the software offers. Current users can view demos of our newest features, such as the integrated GPS and Driver Behavior modules that assist in the tracking, dispatching and driving behavior of technicians.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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Welcome to the ServiceCEO blog! As you probably already know,  ServiceCEO offers cloud based software that assists field service companies in obtaining new customers, scheduling jobs, dispatching works crews and billing customers. 

With this blog, we hope to further assist members of the service industry by providing information about our company, trends in the industry and some managerial insights that will help you continue to grow and maintain your business. 

Please post your comments, questions and opinions on the bottom of each article, or visit our Facebook page. If there are specific topics you would like for us to cover, please let us know!

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