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Isaac Perez didn't think it would be possible to find an affordable management solution for his roofing company. He was wrong!

How long did it take you to get up and running?

I was slow to implement because I was very busy doing office work the old manual way, so it took about 7 days.

Was it easy?

Yes. With their friendly guidance and support, anyone can do it.

How does ServiceCEO Web Edition make running your business easier?

It provides one place where I can keep track of my jobs and my clients. Its online interface is easy and can adjust to my business. I can add new fields to make changes to almost anything that applies to my company. I didn't have to learn the language of the software. During implementation I customized ServiceCEO Web Edition to my company's language. This makes using the application easier for me and my employees.

Can you describe challenges you had with running your business prior to ServiceCEO Web Edition?

Everything was on paper. Papers were getting lost, they were getting ruined and they would pile up on my desk. As my business started to take off I could see that the old pen and paper way just wasn't going to cut it. To keep track of how I was doing financially I would have to go to QuickBooks. I like QuickBooks for bookkeeping but it can't rapidly provide me with information about my customers, my employees or my jobs. ServiceCEO Web Edition can do both.

How has your day-to-day life changed since you started using ServiceCEO Web Edition?

It's so much easier. I can create extra work orders if there are any changes. I can go online and see the schedule for the day, week and month. I can still keep track of my income and expenses with QuickBooks but now can do it all in one place. And at the ServiceCEO Web Edition price - what a deal.

Did you look at any other software before you chose ServiceCEO Web Edition?

Yes. I looked at one roofing software package but it was way out of my league. I was a small business and I didn't have a big budget. When I saw that ServiceCEO Web Edition can do everything that the roofing software could, but for half the price, there was no question about going with ServiceCEO Web Edition.

What was it about ServiceCEO Web Edition that made you choose it?

Its accessibility, its capabilities and the pricing structure.

As you know, ServiceCEO Web Edition can be used for all types of service businesses, why did you opt to use this instead of a more industry-specific application?

Easy to use. Although it's not designed only for the roofing industry, it's actually better as it can be customized to work for my business my way, not some other guy's idea of running a roofing business.

What advice would you give another service business owner that is looking at a business management solution?

If you need to improve the way you are running your business, ServiceCEO Web Edition will do that. All businesses should use it.

Can you describe the benefits or issues, if any, with using web-based software.

The benefit is that it's available anywhere. I can run my business from wherever I'm at. My business is now set up to do work from job sites, I have instant access to schedules or work orders or route sheets while in the field.

Can you tell me about your experience with the people here?

Real friendly people, always willing to help you, always call you back promptly. Great company to do business with.


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