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Connolly Sealcoat

Jason Connolly wanted his seal coating company to be paperless. With ServiceCEO Web Edition, that's now possible.

Was it easy to implement ServiceCEO Web Edition into your business?

Absolutely. It was th easiest experience I've had with any program in our eight year history. Of course this is partly because ServiceCEO Web Edition is internet-based so everything is already set up for you. All I had to do was enter my company information and what I charge for each job. ServiceCEO Web Edition did the rest. It took me hardly no time at all.

Does ServiceCEO Web Edition make running your business easier?

Yes. As an eco-friendly company ServiceCEO Web Edition enabled us to go completely paperless. Before ServiceCEO Web Edition we were running our business on paper. Now we hardly use any paper at all. We can do administrative work in less than half the time and can do our scheduling and dispatching from virtually anywhere.

Can you describe the challenges you had with running your business prior to ServiceCEO Web Edition?

We were using too much paper. We were spending too much time rifling through stacks of paper to find invoices, customer information or upcoming jobs.

How has your day-to-day life changed since you started using ServiceCEO Web Edition?

We are saving a huge amount of itme each day. If a customer calls and says, "We've used you before" we don't have to search through a filing cabinet to find their contact information and what type of work they have requested in the past. We can just enter the first few letters of their last name and boom! - the customer's name, phone number, address, job history and more pop up. It's beautiful.

Did you look at any other software before you chose ServiceCEO Web Edition?

I did. I actually looked at a few of your competitors and a software that is tailored to the seal coating industry.

What made you choose ServiceCEO Web Edition over an industry-specific application?

Ultimately, ServiceCEO Web Edition had everything I needed. It's internet-based so I don't have to clog up my computer with an extra program which might slow it down. ServiceCEO Web Edition is totally customizable for any type of business so it really doesn't matter that it's not specific for the seal coating industry. I made it specific for my business very easily. Plus, ServiceCEO Web Edition is a very fast system. The functionality of the application is enough for anyone to choose it and make it their own.

What advice would you give another service business owner that is looking at a service management solution?

I would tell them to go to ServiceCEO Web Edition. Hands down. Out of everything that I researched this was the best pick. We are on our way to being a completely paperless company. By eliminating the pen and paper method we have cut so much time out of our work day and cost on office supplies.

Can you describe the benefits or issues if any with using web-based software?

Everything about ServiceCEO Web Edition is beneficial. My employees begin their day at home and go directly to the work site.

Can you tell me about your experience with the people here?

As far as the customer service it's better than any business I've worked with. Every time I call ServiceCEO there is a live person that answers the phone. I'm not put on hold. I'm not prompted to punch in any information. I call, someone answers the phone and that alone saves me time. It's great!


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