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Dispatch Software from ServiceCEO

In field service industries, dispatching errors are common. Technicians don't always know where to go or how to get there, leading to frustrated customers, jobs that don't get done, and ultimately lost revenue for your business.

The ServiceCEO system is designed to make dispatching quick and easy. It was designed with the field service manager in mind, providing all of the tools you need to dispatch your technicians correctly and keep every single appointment.

What You Get With the Dispatching System

ServiceCEO is a complete management system. We spent countless hours ensuring that this dispatching software system was fully capable of managing the data that goes into scheduling and sending out technicians. Within the program you'll be face to face with a simple to read dispatch board. On the dispatch board, you can:

  • Create and view a schedule of all of the projects for the day.
  • Add unscheduled projects to the board with a click of a button.
  • Assign open technicians that are available.
  • Create teams or crews for larger tasks.
  • View a technician's daily schedule.
  • Print or email the entirety of the schedule, along with routes, for the entire day.
  • Connect the job directly to the CRM.
  • Build customize queues or teams.
  • Assign visual icons for job status, stage, priority, and more.
  • Color code job statuses.

Schedule and organize an entire day's work

With the dispatching system in ServiceCEO, you can schedule and organize an entire day's work, connect it to the technician(s) or teams that are available, and more. There is even an "Unassigned Work Order" queue, which tells you that you have scheduled a work order but not yet assigned a technician, so that you can easily assign that technician through a drag and drop interface.

All of the capabilities within the ServiceCEO system are drag and drop, which means that you can schedule these dispatches extremely quickly. This type of dispatching software has already helped thousands of companies keep appointments and maintain their schedules, all while still combined with dozens of other effective tools for managing a business.

See For Yourself

Because of the online integration, you can access ServiceCEO from anywhere in the world. You can even dispatch employees quickly and accurately from the comfort of your own home.

Find out more about the ServiceCEO dispatching system by viewing a product demonstration, or by contacting us today with the form on the right. We're confident that our dispatching software is exactly what you need to easily run your field service business more efficiently.

An All New Field Service Dispatching Experience

WorkWave, the company behind ServiceCEO, is proud to offer WorkWave Service. A field service software built with your industries in mind. We are improving how field service businesses go to work by optimizing operations at every stage.

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