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Flooring Contractor Software

As someone that runs a flooring company, you have a lot to worry about already. You manage hiring, existing employees, your filing system and more. Anything that makes your job easier is a lifesaver.

Luckily, there is a type of flooring service software available that is designed to drastically cut down on the amount of work you perform daily. It's software that keeps all of your information in one central location, providing every feature you need to easily run your business. It's software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and software that can replace everything you used in the past.

It's called ServiceCEO, and it has revolutionized the way that service companies run their business.

Features of ServiceCEO for Flooring Companies

ServiceCEO is a comprehensive platform that includes every component your business needs to run efficiently. The best way to learn more about the program is by viewing the product demo, but a small sample of the most important features includes:

Scheduling and Dispatching

ServiceCEO makes scheduling and dispatching your flooring technicians a breeze. It makes it possible for you to easy view open work orders, schedule those work orders, view unscheduled or unfulfilled orders, available technicians, and more. It will help you view everything in one simple place and can be completed with only a few clicks.

CRM and Invoicing

Often flooring companies have different tools and systems for managing all of their customers, invoices, past projects and more. ServiceCEO replaces all of those, keeping everything in one place and directly connecting it to the scheduling and dispatching part of the software. ServiceCEO's CRM and invoicing systems would make excellent standalone products, but they're connected to the rest of the ServiceCEO platform.

Marketing and Reporting

Running a flooring service business isn't only about scheduling and dispatching either. It's also about marketing, sales, presentations, and more. That's why ServiceCEO has marketing campaign tracking, reporting and graphing components, custom field capabilities and more. All of these are also connected to the rest of the ServiceCEO system, so that you can run reports on your customers, place customers into buckets, and more.

If you want to try out a piece of flooring service software that replaces all other types of software, and does so in a way that is incredibly user friendly, try ServiceCEO today. You'll find that it does everything you need to, and more. 


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