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Go Green Clean

What better way to run an eco-friendly cleaning company than with ServiceCEO Web Edition. ServiceCEO's Web Edition with Google Maps will reduce air pollution by conserving gasoline and by using a web-based solution, Angela and Matt Rickett will never have to waste a piece of paper again!

What were your largest business challenges before using ServiceCEO Web Edition?

Staying organized, making scheduling changes, working too many hours and wasting too much paper.

How were you running your business before ServiceCEO Web Edition?

We had started off with a dry erase board and obviously that doesn't work too well when people make scheduling changes. We schedule about 6 weeks in advance and would have to erase jobs in ten different places and it would get pretty confusing. So that was the thing that ServiceCEO Web Edition was able to eliminate for us. It was laborious using the board and only got harder and harder with every new employee we hired.

Can you describe how you handled those challenges before ServiceCEO Web Edition?

The data entry was a little bit clunky because we had to go into three programs. We tried just using a Google calendar at first, but then we were also entering data into QuickBooks. The calendar just couldn't work well when we had to make changes and it couldn't account for all the different variables that we were using.

How was your day to day life changed since you started using ServiceCEO Web Edition?

Now we're only entering data in one place and we can see the different variables of our business all in one place. In general I wouldn't recommend anyone not to use scheduling and management software and I think that ServiceCEO Web Edition is the best thing out there.

Has ServiceCEO Wbe Edition made running your business easier? If so, how?

Yes. Our goal is  to add 10 new clients a week and we are able to do that smoothly with ServiceCEO Web Edition. We can see where we have gaps in our schedule. It really makes it very efficient to find out right away if we have room to put new people on that day or if we have to put them under a different day. It has helped us grow and it has helped us to become efficient and to not make any type of scheduling conflicts.

What advice would you give another service business owner that is looking at a service management solution?

First off is cost. One of the things that really helped us choose ServiceCEO Web Edition was cost. We had looked at several solutions and some of them ran into the thousands of dollars for desktop solutions. Also ease of use was very important, along with support. The support we've been able to get for the program has been great! There have been several people in the company who have worked with us to help us really use the program more effectively.

Can you describe the benefits or issues, if any, with using web-based software?

The business is my wife's. I'm here to help her out with it but I still have a full-time job. One of the benefits of ServiceCEO Web Edition is that I'm able to have my full time job, be on the board, but still help her out. I'll be traveling on the road and out of St. Louis, but I'm able to access ServiceCEO Web Edition, look at the schedule and make changes for her. Being able to offer unlimited access to our employees to look at the schedule if they want is another great benefit. They know what's going and don't need access to desktop software or have to get into our main computer, so that's a great benefit.

Can you tell me about your experience with the people here?

One of the real advantages of ServiceCEO Web Edition is that it seems like the company is really striving to make improvements in the software all the time and they are really looking for customer feedback. We usually got a call upwards of once a week when we were initially rolling it out and now that we're full implemented usually about once a month to see how everything is. The main thing is that they take our input and they use it.

Do you have any additional comments on ServiceCEO Web Edition?

There's almost so much that it can do at this point that you can either use it as part and parcel or you can use all the functionality. It really is a time saver and it really can cut down on the data entry you're doing as a service business.


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