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The Good Handyman

Finding a web-based application that would sync his workflow processes wasn't easy for Andy Sjostrom. It seemed there just wasn't anything on the market that would do this - until he found ServiceCEO Web Edition.

Can you give me a brief summary of your business?

We are a handyman business in Chicago servicing the local community. Our company is made up of field service and administrative employees.

Can you describe the challenges you had with running your business that prompted you to look for a software solution?

Initially I wanted software to enhance my workflow and smooth out the process from the initial phone call to actually going out to the job site. I started to use a different web-based application in the same field as ServiceCEO Web Edition but that didn't solve any of the issues I was having. I quickly realized that it wasn't going to cut it and that's when I found ServiceCEO Web Edition.

What was your experience with that other software?

It was so buggy and didn't provide the feature set and functionality that it was supposed to. I saw down with one of their reps and we did basically the same initial review that I did of ServiceCEO Web Edition. During the demo period it was evident that they had not worked out the bugs in the system yet and it was totally unrealistic to try and run my business of a program that couldn't function on its own. It was confusing and just didn't seem to function like it should.

What was it about ServiceCEO Web Edition that made you choose it over the other software?

It just synced with my business. It coordinated the workflow process that I had been needing to improve my business. It was way easier to use that the other program I was testing and didn't have errors popping up when myself and my staff were trying to get our work done.

How long did it take you to get up and running on ServiceCEO Web Edition?

A day. It was easy for me and it was also easy for my administrative and field service staff members to get up and running. My ServiceCEO Web Edition account rep even took out the time to train my staff after helping me with implementation.

How does ServiceCEO Web Edition make running your business easier?

It allows me to do my field work while knowing that the other people who are working for me are getting their work done quickly and efficiently. Communication is easier amongst my employees and than it ever was before. There are less mistakes being made, which means there are less problems with servicing our customers correctly and quickly. ServiceCEO Web Edition helps in making sure everyone's got the information they need to have a successful day and that we are all on the same page.

How has your day-to-day life changed since you started using ServiceCEO Web Edition?

I have all the pieces of the business otgether in one location. Now I have a program that performs consistently and doesn't bug out.

Can you tell me about your experience with the people here?

The support is really good. If I've had any questions the reps have been super fast and are always willing to help out. It's great how ServiceCEO Web Edition takes into account what functions the customers need and then makes the customer-generated changes in the latest versions. That shows me that customer service is a high priority.

Do you have any additional comments on ServiceCEO Web Edition?

ServiceCEO Web Edition has got the system that can work for anyone. It's a fluid program that can sync with service companies of any type. I looked around at different applications and ServiceCEO Web Edition was by far the best one out there.


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