From the same team that brought you ServiceCEO, see the future of Field Service Software: WorkWave Service!

Business Software for Maids

There is simply no better software than ServiceCEO to help you run your maid service business. Our maid service software is used by 7 of the 13 largest maid franchise systems to run their business every day.

Whether you're just starting a maid service or you've been in business for years, we've got the right solution for you.

Maid Scheduling Software is Used for Better Business Management

We understand what it is like to have hundreds of maid customers with different types of one-time or recurring services. Many customers will request monthly, weekly and bi-weekly cleaning services. If a customer wants to skip a day or move a day it is easy to do with ServiceCEO software. Our maid service software handles every possible scheduling change with ease.

You can manage all of your single maids or teams on one screen with ServiceCEO's dispatch board, which is a feature that many office managers love. All you have to do is drag and drop their jobs from one team to another or from one date to another if someone does not show up for work.

ServiceCEO's software for maid companies is a powerful tool that makes it easier to run your business and obtain higher profits.

Your Business Will Never Be the Same

The days of messy whiteboards, sticky notes around the office and paper all over your desk are gone forever. You can view your job on calendar and make quick changes to customer information and schedules with ServiceCEO maid service software. It is a great way to keep all of your information organized. All of your customer, job and employee information is available in real time, just a click away so it is easy to answer questions at any time.

Easy to Use Maid Service Software

ServiceCEO Web Edition is extremely easy to use and learn if you are a maid cleaning service. Do not waste any time with managing your business with clumsy manual systems or complicated programs - step up to ServiceCEO maid service software. See firsthand why ServiceCEO maid service software is one of the best investments you can make for your cleaning business.

Maid Software that is Affordable

ServiceCEO is very affordable. There are no hardware systems to maintain or buy, and no long-term contracts to sign.

Looking to Upgrade Your Cleaning Software?

WorkWave, the company behind ServiceCEO, is proud to offer WorkWave Service. A field service software built with your industries in mind. We are improving how cleaning businesses go to work by optimizing operations at every stage.

Our WorkWave Service cleaning software helps you eliminate guesswork and manage your operations in one complete platform.


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