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Marketing Management

ServiceCEO is the field service industry's leading software platform. It's designed to replace all of your filing systems, programs, dispatching and scheduling services and more, placing them all in one convenient location.

We know that running your business isn't limited to scheduling and dispatching, and it's not just about customer management or invoicing. It's also about marketing and sales. That's why ServiceCEO also has a marketing management section that allows you to keep track of marketing campaigns and their success rates. With the marketing section of ServiceCEO, you'll receive access to all of the following options:

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Tracking the success of your marketing campaigns is a very important part of managing your success. Within ServiceCEO, you can keep track of all of your marketing campaigns and their effectiveness.

You can log all of the information you receive from customers about how they heard about you and your products. You can add new campaigns in the job screen, and even manage different types of campaigns based on location.

Marketing Reporting

Once you've collected all of this data, you need to be able to use it. That's why ServiceCEO is proud to offer a marketing reporting feature. This allows you to:

  • Create custom and visually attractive reports.
  • Manage your campaign ROI.
  • Better figure out where to allocate your marketing dollars.
  • Figure out how much it is costing you to generate new customers and maintain old ones.

This type of reporting is immensely valuable, and often something you need to keep track of separately. Here, you'll have it all connected in one place in all of your other data, without the need to re-enter it.

Customer List Reporting

Because you'll have all of your CRM information connected to your marketing information, you can also run the data of your business and extract customer information as needed to see things like demographics and other data.

You can also pull out customer reports, look for repeat business and up sell opportunities, go after additional revenue streams, track inquiries, and figure out how to target specific markets. You can even print mailing labels as needed.

There are plenty of available features within the marketing management system, and they're all connected to every other component of ServiceCEO.

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