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Multiple Location Support

You may know ServiceCEO as the "everything" software for field service business. It's the goal of this program to cover everything your company needs, from dispatching to scheduling to invoicing and more. If your business needs a software tool, chances are it's included in ServiceCEO.

Our goal is for ServiceCEO to help you grow as a company. When it does, ServiceCEO will grow with you.

Manage Multiple Locations on ServiceCEO

Often those who run growing companies feel overwhelmed with the amount of extra work it takes to expand. Whether you're managing franchises or opening up multiple locations around the city or across the country, without the right tools it can sometimes feel like you're starting from scratch.

But ServiceCEO has you covered. Our software is ready to use for franchising, multiple location servicing, and more. With ServiceCEO, you can:

  • Create a hierarchy for multi-office, multi-division or franchised businesses.
  • Segment data by each office in the hierarchy.
  • Allow users to see data pertaining to only their office or division.
  • Roll up reporting for corporate view.

You're given a single point of control for the entire organization, you can allow others in higher up positions view all of the data, and you can still go in and manage the business at a micro-level.

The platform allows for both multiple location business management and franchise management, offering different tools for each type of challenge. For example:

Multi-site Organization

ServiceCEO can organize customers or employees by location so that your data is easier to manage. It can show you who is servicing what area, in case there is any crossover that can be addressed. You can run reports that are specific to a location or companywide. You can even assign each one its own accounting system if necessary.

Franchise Locations

Those that effectively manage franchises often find significantly greater success. With ServiceCEO, you can control all franchise data in a single database, as it provides visibility for key metrics such as marketing performance and day to day location activity.

Because these tools are all online, you can also access them from anywhere with an internet connection. Combined, these features make growth and expansion – as well as managing the increase in size – extremely easy.

If you're interested in learning more about our software platform, make sure you view the product tour today, or contact us for more information about how to get started. 


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