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Pool Service Software

In the pool and spa industry, management and organization can cause difficulties in running an efficient, profitable business. It's not uncommon to still use paper based scheduling and CRM systems, and those that do use software often have to juggle multiple, difficult to use systems.

You and your business can save countless hours of time every day and improve how you run your company by replacing your previous pool and spa management software with ServiceCEO – a web based field service software system equipped with everything you need to successfully run your business.

Scheduling and Dispatching

Pool service schedules are often packed, with cleaners and technicians sent to numerous locations every day during busy seasons. In some cases those appointments can change at a moment's notice, and if one of your employees is out sick or has car trouble, you'll need to switch entire schedules around to accommodate.

In the past that could have taken hours, if not longer, and still be fraught with errors. But with the ServiceCEO system, scheduling pool and spa services and altering them is as easy as dragging and dropping from any Internet enabled web interface. The entire scheduling and dispatching system is incredibly user friendly, and you can even give your technicians access to turn by turn directions as needed.

Other Features of ServiceCEO

But what really sets ServiceCEO apart is that it provides dozens of other important business features that are all connected to the same platform. You can:

  • Send out invoices immediately after job completion.
  • Manage customers, including leads, recurring customers, and new customers.
  • Create teams and manage technician information, phone numbers, and data.
  • Analyze your marketing campaigns for overall effectiveness.
  • Assign sales staff to various leads and much more.

All of these features are connected to each other, so you don’t need to enter data multiple times or maneuver through different programs in order to find or edit information. You can access all of these features in our easy to use web-based software model, which allows you to quickly and easily log in from anywhere that has internet access.

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