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Professional Carpet Systems

How do you convince each of your franchisees to implement a business management solution? You choose ServiceCEO Web Edition! Fritz Thompson, CEO of Professional Carpet Systems franchise, had no problem finding franchisees to run their business with ServiceCEO Web Edition.

How has ServiceCEO Web Edition helped your franchise system?

It has taken the inevitable software debate that happens in a franchise system off the table. Even though it has all the horsepower to run my large franchises, my smaller offices and new start-ups can't come to me with qualms of the solution being too expensive because of ServiceCEO Web Edition's very reasonable pricing module. When a franchisee starts up, their ServiceCEO Web Edition usage will be very small and they can start off with a small investment. As they grow, yes, their investment will grow, but it will be in relationship to their job volume.

Do you see ServiceCEO Web Edition changing the future of your franchise?

My franchise agreement has the ServiceCEO Web Edition program in it as a requirement to run the business. Financially, it's not a big investment. People can't say, "Jeez, you're requiring me to purchase thousands of dollars in software?" Instead it's like, "Okay, listen, your investment is $0 upfront and you need this in order to  build a professional business." We will all be on the same page. Our data is in one place that can be access system wide, it makes us a more efficient business model. This will help you grow.

How important is it to your franchise that ServiceCEO Web Edition is web-based?

I will never have a computer crash that destroys or corrupts my entire database. I'll never have a conflict with one type of software conflicting with my business operations software. I will never lose my database or have to do a backup. I'll never have to do an update or worry about an update interfering with anything on my computer. Best of all I save thousands and thousands of dollars every year in not owning the server farm needed for a franchise organization of my size.

How have your employees reacted to ServiceCEO Web Edition?

After their initial introduction and a reasonable amount of time getting oriented to the application, it was very easy for my employees to use ServiceCEO Web Edition. In fact, my largest franchise, one of the largest carpet cleaning businesses revenue wise in the country just loves ServiceCEO Web Edition. They have found it to be very user friendly for all of their office staff. As a franchisor you love making your big revenue producers happy, especially when it is so easy for you to do.

What advice would you give another service business franchise owner that is looking at a service management solution?

I would tell them to talk to people who use ServiceCEO Web Edition and especially the people who have used other software in the past and undoubtedly had nightmares with other software. I would tell them to examine what is out there in our industry and then to examine ServiceCEO and they will find that they are the best partner out there. There is a reason why more service franchises partner with them to replace legacy internal systems. It just doesn't make sense to build your own software anymore, they are the best at it out there and I like to partner with the best.

Can you tell me about your experience with the people here?

I've been working with ServiceCEO for 7 or 8 years and it has been a great partnership. I find them to be extremely responsive to my franchisees and bend over backwards to resolve problems, even though sometimes, in fact most of times, those problems were caused by the users themselves. I have found them to be very responsive in making the necessary changes and updates and keeping not only abreast of the technology that's available, but on the leading edge. They are dedicated to keeping the software moving ahead and never letting your operating system get obsolete. I know that if you don't keep your software progressive than it becomes aged and you lose credibility in your franchise system. By partnering with ServiceCEO I never have to worry about that happening to my business.


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