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Ronny Darbonne used to have headache after headache with his old software program. Learn about his experience and how ServiceCEO Web Edition has made it easier for him to run his business.

Can you give me a brief summary of your business?

We are a gutter services business servicing residential and commercial clients.

Can you describe the challenges you had with running your business that prompted you to look for a software solution?

Before ServiceCEO Web Edition, I was using another software program that didn't have all the capabilities I needed. The older software I was using was also web-based, but it was much more difficult to use than ServiceCEO Web Edition. It took me forever to just learn how to do the basic tasks. I also couldn't customize the program to fit my business. I was manually doing double entry before the QuickBooks integration didn't work well with my business process. The list goes on and on.

Did ServiceCEO Web Edition solve these problems for you?

Definitely. I love how easy ServiceCEO Web Edition is to use. I was up and running pretty quick. I also love that I can customize ServiceCEO Web Edition to my business. I have already added several custom fields that I needed. With the other software program I was using, I couldn't add these fields without having extra development time. Also, the QuickBooks integration tool fits my business so I don't have to do double entry all the time. This saves me a lot of time!

Did you look at any other software before you chose ServiceCEO Web Edition?

Well, there was the software that I used before and I also looked at several others.

What was it about ServiceCEO Web Edition that made you choose it?

It was clear to me that ServiceCEO Web Edition was the right choice because of the way the QuickBooks integration fit my business and the customization capabilities that ServiceCEO Web Edition has. I also liked how the user interface in ServiceCEO Web Edition is extremely easy to use. It's sleek looking and clean with a layout similar to Windows, which makes it easy to pick up. It's not hard to use like the other program I used to have and it can combine sales, estimating and accounting all in one easy to use package.

How long did it take you to get up and running?

It only took me a couple of days, which wasn't long for the amount of customization I needed. ServiceCEO Web Edition was really easy to learn and the training tools and step by step setup guide they gave me were very easy to follow. I also had my own implementation coach to help me.

Was it easy?

Yes! ServiceCEO was really easy to learn and the training tools and step by step setup guide they gave me were very easy to follow. I also had my own implementation coach to help me. If you understand your business process, all you have to do is enter it into ServiceCEO Web Edition once and go on to the next step. My staff was trained in one day and started using it the following day.

How has your day-to-day life changed since you started using ServiceCEO Web Edition?

ServiceCEO Web Edition has saved me a lot of time! With the ease of use, the customization, and the fact that I am no longer doing double entry, I have so much more time to work on my business. Things don't take as long to get done anymore. When you feel more prepared and organized, it shows throughout the entire business.

Can you tell me about your experience with the people here?

The account representative at ServiceCEO Web Edition are great. They will always be willing to talk to you. Whenever I have a question I call and they take time right then to help. They'll set up a GoToMeeting and show me something right on my computer if needed. I'm never put on hold forever or told that I have to make an appointment for the following day. I don't have to waste my time, they do it for you.


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