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Aron Bert doesn't need multiple programs to run ResQTech like he used to. Now he needs only one: ServiceCEO Web Edition.

Was it easy to set up ServiceCEO Web Edition?

Yes, very easy. The majority of the set up process was lined out for me and so all I had to do was follow the steps on the screen. I didn't need any help at all. Since the initial setup, I've gone back in and adding more meat to my instance of ServiceCEO Web Edition. I've customized it to my business by adding more fields on my work orders.

How long did it take you to get up and running?

Not long at all - few days of working on and off. Once I got the basic layout of ServiceCEO Web Edition the rest of it was pretty cut and dry.

Can you describe challenges you had with running your business prior to ServiceCEO Web Edition?

We were previously using a simple Word template for our work orders. It would have the basic job information on it and we would just print it out and bring it to each job. This got confusing because our accounting software wasn't collating with our Word templates. When we needed to figure out if a client had paid of if there was any outstanding revenue we had no database of all these work orders and really had no clue as to what was paid and what was not unless we did some searching.

How does ServiceCEO Web Edition make running your business easier?

ServiceCEO Web Edition helped us figure out which customer calls had been accounted for and where our revenues stand. It's our checks and balances system. We no longer have to think "Is this job closed out? Did we get revenue from this client?" ServiceCEO Web Edition tracks this for us.

How has your day-to-day life changed since you started using ServiceCEO Web Edition?

It's nice to be able to log in to the app from anywhere and print work orders, close out jobs, create new customers and new jobs. ServiceCEO Web Edition lets us track things on the fly so that if we do have to go back to a job we can just hop online while we're there and re-create the work order. This saves us time later and ensures that we won't forget to close out the job.

As you know, ServiceCEO Web Edition can be used for all types of service business, why did you opt to use tihs instead of an industry-specific application?

ServiceCEO Web Edition is a universal tool that can be easily customized depending on your industry. Whether it be a maid or carpet cleaning or electronic repair service like us, any business that rolls out a vehicle into the field, ServiceCEO Web Edition can be customized to it.

What advice would you give another service business owner that is looking at a service management solution?

Definitely check with the cost of the solution versus what it's going to be worth for your business. If it's going to be a set monthly fee, make sure that you have enough revenue coming in that month to make up for the amount you are paying for the software.

Can you describe the benefits or issues, if any, with using a web-based software?

Web-based is a plus because in our industry, we never know where we are going to be. We don't count on being in the office all the time so I don't want to run my business on something that forces me to be in my office.

Can you tell me about your experience with the people?

The communication between your staff and ours was a big factor in our choice to go with ServiceCEO Web Edition. If there's a problem with an application we don't want to have to wait until the next day to hear back from support and with ServiceCEO, the few times we have had a question or an issue we hear back from support the same day with an explanation.


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