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Sales and Estimate Management Software

When you're managing your leads and incoming customers, it helps to have access to a full range of data. Whether it's managing sales staff, customers, schedule, or pricing, it helps to have every piece of data you need at hand to manage and run your business.

That's where ServiceCEO can help you. ServiceCEO is best known for its dispatching and scheduling options, but it's often the sales and estimate management components that save business owners the most time and effort, while also improving sales and customer management.

The Sales Component of ServiceCEO

ServiceCEO has several features that improve your ability to manage potential customers and sales. With ServiceCEO you can:

  • Assign sales reps to any open account.
  • Engage and view prospective customers.
  • Capture demographic information for marketing management.
  • Segment customers by type, address, and more.

There are also many features that help with reporting and future sales. You can generate professional sales estimates, manage leads, and handle proposals, quotes, and sales sheets.

You can manage and monitor the entire service pipeline and find out what's open and closed with only a few clicks. You can even build your own pricing book to use in the sales and estimate process, and then covert these estimates and prospects into jobs, place them into the schedule and assign them a technician instantly.

ServiceCEO also allows you to keep track of your sales staff, track sales performance, and covert every piece of data you have into valuable reports. You can even forecast future revenue. ServiceCEO is a comprehensive sales tool that helps all of your sales management systems.

A Valuable Sales and Estimates Tool

Managing your sales, creating estimates, and other field service tasks can be difficult when you have to piece them together from multiple programs, documents, and locations, especially for an already over taxed sales staff.

With ServiceCEO, everything becomes easier. Normally you would have to put together all of this information from separate places, and you and your sales staff need to use dozens of different organizational systems in order to handle it. With ServiceCEO, everything you need is at your fingertips.

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