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ServiceCEO Web Edition Scheduling FAQ

What's the easiest way to print schedules for the day?

There are a few ways to do this - if you give your employees access to ServiceCEO, they can log in and print out their own schedules. If you dispatch your employees each morning, you can print out work orders, route sheets, and/or driving directions. Each of these display different information, so be sure to look at each. The "Common Actions" button on the Dispatch Board has an option to print all route sheets or work orders, or click an employee's name on the left-hand side of the Dispatch Board to print individual work orders, invoices, route sheets or driving directions.

Can ServiceCEO generate driving directions for my employees?

Absolutely! If you click on an employee's name on the left side of the Dispatch Board, you'll see a link to "View Driving Directions" in the box that pops up. Clicking this link will open our Google Maps integration and provide directions for that employee for the day.

Can I see a schedule that only shows a certain group of employees?

You can create custom views on the Dispatch Board to show different sets of employees. See the Dispatch Board Basics training video for more information on Dispatch Board custom views.

Two of my employees are working the same job today, but one is only there for the morning and another is only there for the afternoon. How do I handle this in ServiceCEO?

When adding employees to the work order, instead of clicking the green plus symbol, click the plus symbol with the pencil (Add & Edit). This will give you a pop-up asking you to choose which hours the employee is working. If the employees have already been assigned to the work order, click the edit button (it looks like a clipboard) next to the employee's name in the Employee Assignments section of the work order to access the pop-up mentioned above. If you don't see the clipboard button next to the employee's names, click the Edit button at the top of the work order.

Why can't I see zone flags on the Dispatch Board?

The "All (Default)" view on the Dispatch Board doesn't have the zone flags turned on. Click "New View" to create a new view, name it and then click "Options" on the left under "Filter Options". Simply check off the bottom box named "Show Zone type on the Schedule", click Save and zone flags will be visible.

How do I mark an employee as unavailable on the Dispatch Board?

The easiest way is to create a fake customer named "Unavailable". You can then schedule fake work orders, assigned an employee to an "unavailable" work order. We suggest using the Summary field to track the reason (sick, vacation, etc.).

How do I remove an employee from the Dispatch Board?

If an employee just doesn't need to be on the Dispatch Board, open their employee record and uncheck the box in the middle named "This Employee can be assigned to Jobs". If an employee no longer works for the company, change their status from "Active" to "Terminated" on the employee record.

How can I build an invoice for multiple projects or multiple days?

You can add as many work orders as you need to a job and thus an invoice. Look for the "+Add Work Order" button in the upper left hand corner of a work order. If you already have multiple work orders on a job, click the blue "work orders" tab next to "job information" to see the "+Add Work Order" button.

I just updated a recurring job, why can't I see the changes?

Give it a second. ServiceCEO needs to first remove the future instances of the job before it can then re-build the new instances with your changes.

We don't want our employees to see how much we're charging on their schedules. How do we fix this?

That's no problem. You can keep price from printing on route sheets and work orders! Go to Settings-->Reporting Options and un-check "Include Pricing Information" in the Work Order and Route Sheet sections. Printed route sheets or work orders will no longer contain pricing information. Please note that within ServiceCEO the price will still be visible. This removes the price from printed documents.

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