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ServiceCEO Web Edition Setup FAQ

How do I add a customer's starting balance?

The easiest way to add a customer's balance when first setting up your ServiceCEO database is to create a work order/invoice for the total amount of their balance. We recommend scheduling all customer balance transfer work orders to the same date (usually right before you switched to ServiceCEO) to keep them all together.

How do I add more contacts/locations to a customer?

Towards the bottom of a customer record, you can add locations or contacts individually on the "locations" and "contacts" tabs. You can also use the "common actions" button in the upper right-hand corner of the customer record to add contacts and locations as well.

All I see in the work orders tab are old closed work orders. How do I see open ones?

The work orders tab contains all of the work orders you've ever created in ServiceCEO. If you would like to see a smaller list, building a customer view will do the trick. There are many options for custom views, but for this scenario, here are the instructions to build a list of only open work orders:
  • On the work orders tab click "new view"
  • On the pop-up box, first name the view (we suggest "All open work orders")
  • On the left under the "filter options" click "status"
  • Click "cancelled" and un-check "select all"
  • Do the same for "closed substatuses", but leave all of the "open substatuses" checked
  • Save the View - you now have a list of open work orders

Check out the Managing Jobs & Work Orders training video for more.

In the "Accounting" tab all I am seeing are paid invoices. How do I see unpaid invoices?

The Accounting tab contains all of the invoices and payments you've ever created in ServiceCEO. All databases come with an "Unpaid" custom view, but if you've removed yours, here are the steps to build a list of unpaid invoices:
  • In the accounting tab, make sure you're on the invoices tab and click "new view"
  • On the pop-up box, first name the view (we suggest: "Unpaid Invoices"
  • On the left under the "filter option" click "payment statuses"
  • Un-check everything except "unpaid and "partially paid"
  • Save the View - you now have a list of unpaid invoices

We do a lot of work for property management companies. How can I set up an account with multiple locations but one main billing address?

You can add as many contacts and locations to a customer's account as necessary, directly from the customer record. The "common actions" button is the easiest way to add contacts and locations, but you can also add them at the bottom, on the contacts and locations tabs. Once you've set up all of the contacts and locations, make sure that you select the right default billing contact and location, as well as the default service contact and location (if applicable). See the Customer, Contact and Location Record Keeping training video for a tutorial.

Can I manage service contracts in ServiceCEO?

Absolutely! There are many different types of service and preventative maintenance contracts. Your Customer Success Manager can help you figure out the best way to handle your particular needs. The general approach involves building custom fields on the customer record to track enrollment, expiration, value, structure and other pertinent information about the contract. You can then build custom view or reports to track and manage your contracts. We're happy to help out with your unique configuration.

How do I change currency?

The currency changes with the regional settings in ServiceCEO. You can change your regional settings in Settings --> My Information.

How do I integrate the Dispatch Board with my Microsoft Outlook calendar?

You can export any Dispatch Board view with Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, Google and Android calendars. See the iCal Dispatch Board Sharing training video for instructions.

I need a signature on estimates before we can move forward with a job. How can I get a signature bar?

You can build a footer that will print on every single estimate, work order or invoice. See the Reporting Options training video for instructions.

Can I load a list of customers into ServiceCEO?

If your customer list is in QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise you can import customers, products and services directly from QuickBooks into ServiceCEO. See the Importing from QuickBooks training video for instructions. If your customer list is elsewhere, ServiceCEO will be happy to import a list of customers for you. We also offer a data conversion service that imports customers, balances, past jobs, and more. Ask your Customer Success Manager, Sales Rep or Technical Support for more information.

What's the best size for a logo to fit in ServiceCEO?

A logo should be under 300 pixels wide to properly fit on documents in ServiceCEO. The logo field will expand vertically to fit the logo size, but can only expand horizontally up to 300 pixels wide.

What are the different roles / security groups for employees?

ServiceCEO has 5 different security groups, which are basically types of employees in the system. The security group that an employee is assigned to determines what they can and cannot do in ServiceCEO. Here's a breakdown of the roles and permissions:
  • Administrator - Can do anything in ServiceCEO - all permissions
  • Standard Users - Can do almost anything in ServiceCEO, except give new users access to the system and import from QuickBooks.
  • CSR User - Typically used for office staff, this role can view, add or edit work orders, estimates, customers, locations, etc. - but cannot delete anything from ServiceCEO. This role also cannot see credit card information or financial reports.
  • Field Tech - This role is typically used for employees who work in the field. These users can only see jobs and estimates in ServiceCEO that they are assigned to and do not have the ability to add new jobs, customers or estimates to the system. Field Techs have edit permissions on jobs and estimates that they are assigned to for closing out appointments, printing/emailing invoices, and entering payments, but cannot delete anything from ServiceCEO, see private notes or credit card information or run reports
  • Field Tech Reports Only - These users can only print their work orders, route sheets and driving directions for a given date range. They cannot actually see a Dispatch Board or any of the tabs in ServiceCEO, nor can they make any changes in the system. This role is mainly for employees who want to print out their own schedules.


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