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Training Videos

Do you want to get up and running fast on ServiceCEO Web Edition? These free videos will lead the way. All videos are in YouTube format for optimal viewing. Please click one of the categories below to get started.







Getting Started with ServiceCEO

  •  Logging in and Basic Navigation
    • Learn how to login and navigate in ServiceCEO Web Edition.
  •  How to Get Support
    • Learn how to contact our support team for assistance.
  •  Personal Information Settings
    • Learn how to manage your personal information such as your password, email address and time zone.

Customer Relationship Management

  •  Customer, Contact and Location Record Keeping
    • Learn how to store and keep track of all your customers.
  •  Building and Using Custom Views
    • Learn how to build Custom Views to search for and narrow down your list of customers based on specific criteria
  •  Customer List Report
    • Learn how to build lists of customers based on defined criteria. Formats include phone lists, email lists, mailing labels and more.

Estimating and Sales Management

  •  Scheduling On-Site Sales Calls
    • Learn how to schedule a sales appointment.
  •  Creating Estimates
    • Learn how to create and record your estimates, email them to customers, and convert them into jobs.
  •  Sales Opportunity Management
    • Learn how to keep track of your sales opportunities, manage next steps, analyze your sales performance, track your competition and more.

Scheduling and Dispatching Jobs

  •  Managing Jobs & Work Orders
    • Learn how to manage jobs and work orders, including multi-work order jobs and recurring jobs. Also learn to close out work orders, build and use customized work order views and more.
  •  Dispatch Board Basics
    • Learn how to navigate around the Dispatch Board, including finding open appointment slots to schedule jobs, use the Dispatch Board queues, and build/use Dispatch Board views.
  •  Scheduling Assistant
    • Learn how to use ServiceCEO's Scheduling Assistant to schedule more jobs closer together to reduce drive time and increase billable hours.
  •  Invoicing, Billing & Accounting
    • Learn how to issue invoices, receive payments, create billing statements and run accounts receivable reports. Also learn how to run other reports on your revenue, payments and tax.

Basic Implementation

  •  Business Units *For Multi-Location/Division Companies Only*
    • Create and manage Business Units to keep track of multiple locations, franchisees and/or divisions within your organization.
  •  Company Information
    • Enter Information about your company for customer-facing documents (estimates, invoices), time zone and regional settings (vocabulary, currency).
  •  Employee and Teams
    • Learn how to manage your employees and crews, including how to create additional logins./li>
  •  Products, Services & Kits
    • Learn how to manage your employees and crews, including how to create additional logins.
  •  Tax
    • Define the tax rates you charge.
  •  Vocabulary
    • Customize the vocabulary in ServiceCEO to match your business.

Advanced Implementation

  •  Zones and Zone Tax Rules
    • Learn how to set up zones and build rules to select the right zone and tax rates for customers based on location.
  •  Marketing Campaigns
    • Manage the different marketing campaigns and advertisements you use to get customers and track your return on investment.
  •  Custom Fields
    • Create custom fields to track and store additional information within your ServiceCEO account.
  •  Customer Settings
    • Manage your customer settings by defining customer types, editing customer statuses, setting your customer numbers, and how customer names appear.
  •  Job Work Order Settings
    • Manage your Job and Work Order settings by editing job statuses, sub-statuses and setting job numbers.
  •  Estimate Settings
    • Manage your estimate settings by editing estimate statuses, sub-statuses and setting job numbers.
  •  Reporting Options
    • Control the print display of your work orders, invoices and other documents.
  •  Email Customers and Employees
    • Manage your email settings and edit default templates.
  •  Customer Portal Settings
    • Configure your customer portal, including portal address, introduction page, user permissions and notifications.
  •  iCal Dispatch Board Sharing
    • Share your Dispatch Board appointments with other calendar applications.


  •  How to Build Your Own Reports
    • Learn how to build your own reports by gathering data that you have entered into ServiceCEO baesd on defined criteria.
  •  Reports Categories Overview
    • Overview of the different reporting categories in ServiceCEO.
  •  Marketing Campaign Reports
    • Build reports that list revenue generated as a result of your different marketing campaigns and determine the return on your investment.
  •  Employee Hours Worked Report
    • Build reports on the number of hours employees have worked.
  •  Estimate Analysis Reports
    • Build reports that analyze sales performance based on selected criteria. Analyze sales performance across the baord or for individual employees. Figure out why you're losing jobs, track up-selling and more.
  •  Accounts Receivable Reports
    • Build reports that track all your accounts receivables.
  •  Job Analysis Reports
    • Build reports that list jobs that meet selected criteria.


  •  Exporting to QuickBooks
    • Learn how to export invoices and payments directly to QuickBooks

Payroll and Job Costing

  •  Payroll Overview
    • Take a high-level tour of the payroll module in ServiceCEO
  •  Building Rate Sheets
    • Learn how to build rate sheets in ServiceCEO
  •  Applying Rate Sheets & Viewing Payroll
    • Learn how to apply rate sheets and view payroll in ServiceCEO
  •  Payroll Reporting
    • Learn about the employee payroll report category.
  •  Job Costing Module
    • Learn about the job costing module, which allows you to track and calculate profit and profit margins.

Customer Portal

  •  Customer Portal
    • Learn how to activate the customer portal and how customers can interact with your business using the portal.

Payment Processing

  •  Adding a Payment Service Provider
    • Learn how to add a Payment Service Provider to ServiceCEO
  •  Adding Customer Payment Accounts
    • Learn how to add your customers' credit card and checking/savings accounts
  •  Adding & Processing Payments
    • Learn how to add and process credit card and checking/savings accounts through ServiceCEO
  •  Payment Processing Through the Customer Portal
    • Learn how your customers can pay bills directly online through the Customer Portal.
  •  Transactions Log Report
    • Learn about the transaction log report category.


  •  Feedback
    • Learn how to record feedback from customers.
  •  Mobile - Beta
    • Learn how to use the mobile site.
  •  File Attachments
    • Learn how to add file attachments to customer records and work orders.


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