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ServiceCEO Web Edition General Usage FAQ

How can I get help with ServiceCEO?

There are a few ways to reach our support team. You can click the "Live Chat" link at the top of every screen in ServiceCEO to chat with a support representative, call 888-448-5197 or click the "Support" link (also at the top of each screen) to create a support case. And you can always reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager!

What does "out of date" mean in the QuickBooks Export column?

Anytime you see "out of date" in the QuickBooks Export column, it means that an invoice or payment that has already been exported to QuickBooks has changed in ServiceCEO and needs to be exported again to update the record in QuickBooks. Your "ready to export" queues are intelligent and will only contain items that currently need to be sent to QuickBooks. Check out the Exporting to QuickBooks training video for more information and a tutorial on exporting to QuickBooks from ServiceCEO.

Why can't I add one of our employees as the sales rep on an estimate?

Make sure that the employee's status is "active" and that the box in the middle of the employee record named "This Employee can be assigned to Estimates as a Sales Rep" is checked as well. If you use business units, make sure that the employee is in the same business unit as the estimate.

Why can't I delete this customer/job/invoice/product/recurring job?

The following items cannot be deleted from ServiceCEO:
  • Recurring Jobs
  • Closed work orders
  • Won estimates
  • Customers who have a file
  • Work order or estimate attached to their record
  • Products or services that are in use on a work order or estimate.

Re-opening a work order will allow you to delete it, deleting the work order from a won estimate will re-open the estimate and allow you to delete it, removing the work order/estimate attached to a customer will allow you to delete the customer and removing a product or service from all records will allow that to be deleted from your database as well. Recurring jobs cannot be deleted. Once saved, the solution is to "end" the recurring job. If it was built incorrectly, ending the recurrence on the same day that it started will remove any associated work orders.

I overcharged a client. How do I give them credit?

Just enter a payment for the customer in the amount of the credit you wish to give them. Next time you do a job for that client, make sure you apply that payment (you'll get a pop-up) to the invoice before you bill them.

How do I get a list of all my customers?

A simple customer list report will accomplish this. In the Reports tab, open the "Customer List" category and click "Build New Report" on the right. Name the report (we suggest "All Customers"), then click the Layout tab on the left. Select the format you want, switch to "Grouping", change Level 1 from "Customer Status" to "Customer" and click Save. You can now run the report to get a list of all your customers, contacts and locations. Reports can be exported to Excel or as a PDF. See the Customer List Reporting training video for more.

How do I enter a deposit?

To enter a deposit on an open job, just add a payment to the job for the amount of the deposit. Make sure that the "total payment" amount in the middle matches the "amount" field in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

We service our clients weekly but bill them monthly. What's the best way to manage this in ServiceCEO?

The simplest way to do this is to schedule the weekly service and then print and send billing statements to your clients- available in the common actions button on the customer record. Another option is create two separate recurring jobs - one weekly to schedule the service and the other monthly to create the invoice. Make sure you don't put a dollar amount on the weekly (scheduling) job if you choose this method!

How do I apply the Zone & Tax Rules to my customer list?

At the bottom of the Zone & Tax Rules page, click the link that says "Apply Zone and Tax rules to all locations". This will give you a pop-up that asks you to select the effective date of this change. Pick whatever date you want the change applied and click OK at the bottom to push these rules out to your customer list. If you don't see the change immediately, check back in a minute. ServiceCEO is still running the rules.

I just created a new customer, why aren't they showing up when I search for them?

When creating a customer, estimate, work order, product or service it takes a few minutes before that record is searchable. ServiceCEO is rebuilding the database index files behind the scenes which are then re-populated in your database for searching. The "Recent" button, found in the upper right-hand corner of every page of ServiceCEO, is the best way to find a new record until the indexing process completes.

When I print estimates and invoices from ServiceCEO the URL is printing at the bottom of the page. How do I get rid of it?

This is a browser setting. Please reference the Help section of your browser for details.

Why isn't tax calculating?

Chances are the service location on the job in question hasn't been made taxable, or the products and services have not been made taxable. If the location isn't taxable, select the tax rate(s) that are applicable, save the loation and re-build the job. If the products or services aren't taxable, click the edit button on each one individually and check off the box to indicate that they are taxable. If tax still isn't calculating, contact Technical Support or you Customer Success Manager for assistance.

How do my clients get their login for the Customer Portal?

Once you enter a client's email address, check the "Customer Portal User" box (located on the Contact record within a Customer) and then Save. Your client will receive an email with a link to login for the first time and set their password.

How do my employees get their login info?

Once you enter an employee's email address, check the "This Employee is a ServiceCEO user" box at the bottom of the employee record, choose a security group and click Save. ServiceCEO will send your employee an email containing a link to login for the first time and set their own password. See the Employees and Team Training video for more.

Why can't I login?

If you're unable to login to your ServiceCEO Web Edition database, try using the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page to reset your password. If this link does not work for you, please contact technical support for assistance.

How do I change a customer's status?

Customer Status is automatically set in ServiceCEO based on activity. You can change the name of each status (Settings --> Customers --> Status), but cannot change a client's status manually. Here is a list of the default statuses and their meanings:
  • No Activity - has never had a work order created in ServiceCEO, does not currently have any open estimates.
  • Prospect - current has an open estimate in ServiceCEO
  • Active - currently has an open work order in ServiceCEO
  • Active Recurring - has an open recurring job
  • Inactive - has at least one "closed' work order in ServiceCEO but none open
  • Active and Prospect - has an open work order AND an open estimate
  • Active Recurring and Prospect - has an open recurring job AND an open estimate in ServiceCEO

How do I add a commercial customer (account without a first and last name) or an account without an address?

Name and address are required fields in ServiceCEO. If you don't know a customer's address, just leave the default text of "Enter Street here" in the Street box and continue. If you're setting up a commercial customer, the first and last name fields are used for the contact person at that company and the "customer name" field can be over-written with the company or account name. See the Customer, Contact and Location Record Keeping training video for more.

What browser should I use?

ServiceCEO Web Edition currently supports Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

What is searchable?

Here is a breakdown of what fields are searchable by tab in ServiceCEO:
  • Estimates
    • Estimate #
    • Customer Name
    • Summary
  • Work Orders
    • Work Order #
    • Customer Name
    • Summary
  • Accounting
    • Invoices
    • Invoice #
    • Customer Name
    • Payments
    • Payment #
    • Customer Name
  • Customers
    • Account Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Fax
    • Main Phone
    • Work Phone
    • Mobile Phone
    • Home Phone
    • Street
    • City
    • State
    • Zip

I entered a payment incorrectly. How do I remove it?

Just find the payment (either through the Customer's record, or Accounting --> Payments) and open it in view mode (at the top you should see two buttons - Edit and Delete). If you see Save and Cancel you're in Edit mode. Click Save to get to view mode. Once you have the payment in View mode open on your screen, click the "Delete" button at the top of the screen to get rid of the payment.

I closed a work order but didn't enter a payment. Why isn't it showing on my Accounts Receivable?

This is most likely because there is no an "issue date" on an invoice. If you create and close a work order without a start date, you then need to go to the invoice and manually enter an "issue date". If the work order was scheduled to a date before it was closed, the invoice's "issue date" will be automatically populated with the day that the work order was completed.

Where is the setting I can enable to keep my employees from making a mistake?

While we can't prevent employees from making a mistake on a job site, between our Customer Success team, training videos library and daily Q&A classes, we'll make sure they are fully trained and comfortable using ServiceCEO.

How do I enter a partial payment?

Proceed like you're entering a full payment, but make sure that the "Total Payment" field (top middle) and the "Amount" field (lower left-hand corner) equal the amount of partial payment. If when saving you get a message that says the payment has been over-applied, you need to update the "Amount" field so that it's no more than the "Total Payment".

How can I use ServiceCEO to track which employees are stealing from me?

This is another benefit of having a system like ServiceCEO. Jobs and cash can no longer mysteriously disappear.


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