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Web Based Service Software is Better

ServiceCEO is a comprehensive field service management software that replaces all of your current management tools. It doesn't matter if you already have different programs for dispatching, invoicing, marketing, and more, or if you still use paper filing. You'll love ServiceCEO, and you'll quickly use it for every component of your business.

ServiceCEO is web-based software. That means you don't need to download anything to your computer or laptop. All you need is a way to access the internet and you can log into ServiceCEO. Web based software has numerous benefits that make it the preferred choice for business owners. Some of the primary benefits are listed below.

Benefits of Web Based Service Software

  •      Numerous Backups and No Lost Information – Web based software is also easy to back up, and at ServiceCEO we do so multiple times a day. That means that you never lose any of your data. With downloaded software that isn't web based, if something happened to your computer everything could be lost. With the web based ServiceCEO software, it doesn't matter what happens to your computer – your data is online and secure.

  • Instant and Free Software Upgrades With No Downloads – Most software requires multiple downloads a week to keep track of all of the updates, and if you use a computer that’s too new or too old it may not even run correctly at all. But with ServiceCEO, all upgrades occur automatically behind the scenes. You never have to download anything, and as long as you have access to the internet the ServiceCEO platform will work.

  • More Affordable – By using an online system, ServiceCEO doesn't require any downloads or extra management of software. Online systems allow ServiceCEO to be far more affordable, with monthly pricing and packages that can meet the needs of your business.

  • Comprehensive Data Security – With our secure servers, your company is also far safer. Unlike software which can be placed at risk if someone accesses or hacks your computer, the online system at ServiceCEO is regularly kept updated for security purposes and keeps notified of potential threats, so there is significantly less risk for your business.

  • Access From Anywhere in the World – With web based field service software, you can access ServiceCEO from anywhere – from your offices, to your home, to a beach in Antigua. If you have internet access, you can get into the system, which means you no longer have to worry about leaving any data in the office or your business falling apart if your car breaks down. You can even run your business while on vacation.

Web based service software simply has a lot of advantages that downloadable software does not, and this list doesn't include other valuable features like easy navigation, unlimited file size, no risk of viruses, and the ability to connect to mobile platforms.

There are so many reasons to start using ServiceCEO. Find out why others have made the switch by viewing our product tour today. 


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