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Window Genie


Window Genie is a growing franchisor with over 50 locations across the US. Their goal was to implement a uniform software platform across their franchise network that could grow with their business.


By choosing ServiceCEO Weeb Edition, Window Genie was able to transition their franchisee data from multiple systems into a single instance of ServiceCEO.

Managing a Software Platform with Franchisees

Founded in 1994 and opening their first franchise in 1998, Window Genie has grown to become one of the largest and most trusted names in the Window Cleaning industry. Like other franchisors in the service industry, they felt the growing pains that often come with expanding a franchise business.

Prior to their migration to ServiceCEO Web Edition, Window Genie faced an issue that many franchisors experience; dealing with multiple software platforms across their network. This made reporting and tracking their franchisees a tedious and time consuming process because the data from their franchisees was being submitted in different formats which had to then be standardized to properly gauge franchisee performance. On top of all this, Window Genie was working on a deadline to implement the new solution during their busy spring season. Time was of the essence.

We sat down with Debbie Owens of Window Genie to discuss the process of unifying franchisees on a single software platform.

The Decision Process

 Already having an established franchise network, Window Genie had decided that developing a software solution in-house was not an option. They understood there were huge advantages to using an out of the box software package like ServiceCEO, including reduced overhead and IT costs since all support and server maintenance would be handled by ServiceCEO.

While evaluating a new software solution, Debbie wanted to ensure Window Genie would not lose any functionality already available to them because "there is nothing more difficult than to have an option and never have it again." When asked what prompted them to consider ServiceCEO, Debbie stated that the things they liked best were that ServiceCEO "looked user friendly" and has a calendar that is more functional and intuitive than other solutions.

Her next decision came in the form of evaluating traditional desktop software vs. a web-based solution. When presented with this decision, Debbie found that web-based software provided the most cost-effective and efficient solution for implementation across the franchise network. By allowing her franchisees to access the data from any web-enabled device it would become easy for a franchise employee to be out sitting at a fast-food restaurant for lunch, tablet in hand, able to manage the rest of their day.

Making the Switch

Upon decided to move forward with ServiceCEO, Debbie knew that for a company the size of Window Genie the migration would not happen overnight. However, Window Genie was pleasantly surprised at just how fast the system was to learn and implement. To further aid the transition process, Window Genie utilized the ServiceCEO team of Customer Success Managers to work with them and their franchisees. To prepare for future growth, Window Genie and ServiceCEO created recorded sessions of instructional content to help guide new franchisees and new employees of converted franchisees through the implementation process.

They chose to begin the implementation process with some of the most tech-savvy franchises to see how easy it was for a franchise to adapt to ServiceCEO. By demonstrating early success, Window Genie was able to convince the rest of the franchisees to make the move to ServiceCEO, resulting in a full rollout of the system.

Moving Forward

Using ServiceCEO, Window Genie has been able to successfully implement a service management solution across their network during their busy season. They gave all of their franchisees a uniform system where they have the ability to quickly access key information in real time. Now if there is an issue with a particular work order, they are able to pull up the information, correct it and take action to ensure the data is correct in the future.

Most importantly, by choosing ServiceCEO Web Edition, Window Genie is now working with an application that can grow as their franchise network grows. They get the tools and advanced reporting to manage their franchise business more efficiently from anywhere. Plus with our dedicated training and support they no longer have to worry about training their franchisees, we help with that too!


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